As part of the RMC Group, RMC Wayfinding offers a specialist signage supply to trade clients. We are one of the few companies in the UK that can offer fully finished modular systems including, paint, print & braille and tactile.

Modular signage can be used internally or externally depending on the grade of paint used and requires no special maintenance. Our systems can be provided ready to install or simply sprayed for customers to either print or apply vinyl to themselves.

Modular Signage System (MSS)

The classic interlocking MSS is simple and versatile. With our range of aluminium extrusions we can offer complete design flexibility enabling sign makers, architects, designers and specifiers greater control over the look and feel of their signage.



Paper insert or wallet options

Free/occupied slider door options

Standard profile size range for text applications, 10mm to 150mm high

Profile Range

The Modular Sign System is made from dovetailed aluminium extrusions, which slide together to form the completed side. There is no back plate which means that the sign can be single or double sided. Because it is frameless, there is no limit to the size of the sign, allowing it to be extended or shortened by the Modular Sign System is comprised of profiles from 5mm to 150mm. Various profiles in the range can be added to allow the sign to become suspended, projecting and desk mounted.

The Modular Sign System is easy to assemble and dismantle – once you know how. A discreet locking strip is concealed within the 6mm thickness and there are no eviden fastenings or fixings that could be undone with conventional tools. The concealed locking strip simply slides out by being pushed by a pin through a hole located in the bottom profile.

Wayfinding Signage

Here is a breif insight of Wayfinding Signage we offer.

Projection Signs

A double sided MSS sign which projects via a rod and rose extrusion mounted onto a wall.

Hanging Signs

A double sided MSS sign which hangs from the ceiling with cable wires.

Wallet Signs

A clear Perspex wallet which hooks into the MSS for paper inserts. The wallet can be either folded or split depending on the design and comes in any bespoke sizes including A0-A6.

Directory Signs

The directory sign can come is the main wayfinding sign for any building, helping people find where they need to go. The directory sign is bespoke size depending on how many departments are in a building.

Door Signs

The traditional door usually has a header of what is in the room in question and these can be extended to including a slider slat which can be used for meetings to make sure no one comes in and interrupts.


We offer a comprehensive range of finishes to suit all of your requirements.

Mill Finish (Blank)

We can provide the MSS cut to size in mill finish for you to spray / print elsewhere.

Sprayed Only

We can wet spray RAL and Pantone colours with our inhouse spray booth.

Screen Print

The traditional method of screen print is still popular on the MSS and the finish is clean and crisp.


We can offer a braille & tactile finish which is DDA compliant with our photopolymer sheets – The photopolymer has a raised resin to create the braille & tactile which is then bonded onto the MSS.

Vinyl Applied

Instead of screen print we can vinyl apply the MSS with either a vinyl overlay or fret cut text (printed or coloured vinyl).

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